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Firstly, I'd like to thank the kind soul who bought me a ONE YEAR SUB.  Holy crap.  It may look like I don't do much on the site, but...  I am on here nearly every day.  So thank you, anonymous user.  

Most of what I do is browsing, and while browsing I add favourites, recommend DD's, and, mostly, report blatant violations of dA policy.  Why?  Because I despise art thieves, and I also hate the amount of crap, nasty nasty crap, that people post up on this site. There also aren't many who actually go around looking for things to report.  I, and a few others on the site, do.  For kicks.  For great justice.  For the discouragement of anyone else who might have thought they could get away with it.

dA staff has to go through all of our reports and try to fairly decide whether or not something is a policy violation, whether or not to take pieces down, and whether or not to ban users.  Some may think they're ban-happy, others think they don't pick up the ban-hammer enough, but I have to say that it's not a job that I could do easily.  Having to keep the balance on this site, making sure that everyone has freedom without it being a free-for-all, and that the rules are upheld, without everyone feeling like they're being watched at all times...  Yeah, I wouldn't want to do it.

In any case, don't expect much artistic stuff from me any time soon.  I don't even have access to photoshop right now, so no photomanipulation either.  I do add a lot of favourites when I get in the mood, though, and will hopefully be finding more potential DD's.

TIMECRAWL by Orillion TIMECRAWL by Orillion, featured by mattdanna

Lion Armor - Complete by Azmal Lion Armor by Azmal, featured by Kitten-of-Woe

L'Art by Archangel-Uriel L'Art by Archangel-Uriel, featured by cweeks

I know that I'll forget, eventually, what I've recommended for DD's.  I'm keeping track of it here.
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Yes.... and I fell in, and now I'm all wet and very uncomfortable :c
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